Clara Greo

Clara Greo

Designer, researcher and trainer

Upcoming courses:

Introduction to service design in Government - 10 hr, remote training course (£600 ex VAT)

21-26 March, 2024 - sold out

16-21 May, 2024

Power, privilege and equity: Designing and building services and products - 8 hour, remote training course (£450 ex VAT)

13 - 16 Feb, 2024

I’m a service designer and user-centred design practitioner and leader. I try to bring equity and justice into public sector digital transformation.

I build capability in user-centred design through training and community-based education.

I’m Australian and British, an immigrant, a part-time worker and a parent. My pronouns are she/her.

I’m writing a book called Strong Design, with Kara Kane and Martin Jordan.

black and white photo of Clara presenting a training course. She is leaning forward, talking to someone. There is a training slide in the background.